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We are always treating our clients, colleagues and the communities we serve with integrity.


SLP collaborates across international boundaries and various fields to deliver the finest of geo-solutions to our valued customers, while simultaneously fostering a more robust business for the times ahead.


We consistently aim for excellence in everything we undertake, be it geotechnical engineering, project management, or people development. Our unwavering commitment is to deliver exceptional results, adhering to the most stringent standards.


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SLP constantly balances engineering requirements with environmental factors to ensure delivering the most economically viable solution, not only from a rockfall protection and slope stabilization perspective, but also considering safety and life-cycle project costs.

Combining solution and product, SLP is committed to providing the most appropriate solution and reliable equipment for your rockfall protection and slope stabilization requirements.

SLP designs and installs over 100 rockfall and slope projects every year in challenging and demanding construction domains using the extensive of tailored solutions. The record from a quality, service and health and safety perspectives are what SLP’s core competitive power and proud.

Besides keep improving the design philosophy and manufacturing technique, SLP collaborate closely with geoscientific research institution like China Three Gorges University and Southwest Jiaotong University to ensure we provide our customers with innovative solutions that are cost-effective and of the highest quality.

SLP's product range has been expanded to include unstable slope protection systems (including passive and active measures), rockfall mitigation systems, shallow landslide and debris flow protection systems, avalanche protection systems and embankment reinforcement systems. We have also expanded our business scope from China to overseas and are known for our high-quality products that are durable and highly safe.


SLP also has various divisions:


SLP Engineering

SLP Enginnering offers a wide range of geotechnical and protection solutions. Various forms of rockfall fense, mitigation system, slope stabilization techniques, soil nailing, ground anchors, re-vegetation spraying are all part of its product portfolio.


Gelante Equipment Manufacturing

Gelante Equipment Manufacturing specializes in providing materials and equipment for a wide range of rockfall and slope protection applications. We focus on providing reliable metal materials and fabrication from professionally installed instrumentation and presenting it to our clients in a cost-effective way.


Chengdu Better Traffic Engineering
Better offers various labor services including but not limited to installation, maintenance, repair and clear of slope and rockfall protection system.

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