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Flexible Shed Project in Conch Gully 2022

T:2024-02-21 10:21:22
Cover the mountains with protective nets and build a solid barrier,Combining solution and product, SLP is committed to providing the most appropriate solution and reliable equipment for your rockfall protection and slope stabilization requirements.

After 1 year’s restoration and reconstruction, Conch Gully of Sichuan resumes to receive tourists since 5th September 2022, Luding 6.8-magnitude earthquake. The roads leading to the scenic area and the facilities have been restored, and potential risks of landslides and rockfall along the main roads have been eliminated.

SLP took an active part in slope treatment and recovering, a total length of 730m overhang rockfall shed and stabilization system has been installed, and the safety of tourists and vehicles is guaranteed to a great extent. RXI100 series rockfall shed and GPS150 slope stabilization system was mainly applied in this project.

Check more info on this project at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDtDtMZ-NU4


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