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Perilous Rock Control Project In Xiling Gorge

T:2024-05-16 17:04:27

          Perious Rock Control Project In Xiling Gorge


Each of the destinations for the Yangtze Three Gorges is unique and stunning but Xiling Gorge is without doubt the most incredible. This gorge is well known for its peaceful streams, karst caves, and natural springs.

However, the situation is great different when we cast the sights onto the Yangtze River. Karst landform which can be found everywhere around the gorge, and the plenty of shoals make the Yangtze River meander here and the current becomes more rapid.


 Xiling Gorge


Renowned for its stunning and unique peaks and rocks, Xiling Gorge attracts a large number of visitors, but the rocks pose a certain threat to the facilities and tourists in the scenic area due to years of weathering and water erosion.

SLP has undertaken the design and installation project for approximately 20,000 square meters of the draped net system in the scenic area. The perilous rocks adjacent to roads and sightseeing platforms will be comprehensively assessed. Flexible draped nets will be covered on unstable rocks to limit and guide their falling trajectory to avoid impact to the road and people.


The project is still ongoing, and we will continue to focus and provide the latest updates.

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